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Sew Like a French Woman March 22nd, 29th, April 12th 10:00-12:30

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I have really taken to the patterns from all these different french pattern makers. Some of them are in English, some are only in French. Not to worry, following the pictures and having even just a tiny bit of French vocab will make sewing up French patterns easy enough. Join us at Esther's as we dive into sewing with our all my new favorite french patterns.

We will start this class out with THE dress. I anticipate this will take 3 sewing/class days to complete but it you need more time, we will have open sew dates available for additional supported work time. To maximize class time, you should plan on having your pattern pre traced out on tracing paper. Need help with that step? Call me at the shop and we can consult on the easiest way to do this. This way you come to class ready to sew your muslin!

*fabric selection can happen on the first day of class either before or after class. We will not be using that fabric until the day of class day 2 ( likely with only cutting happening on day 2 )

Fresh croissants & jam served on the 1st day of class. Yum.

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