Sew Liberated Stasia Dress and Top Pattern



All yardage based on 58” wide knit fabric. Fabric needs at least 40% stretch and quick recovery. For a flowy, soft dress or shirt, choose a fabric with rayon or bamboo content, in addition to spandex. For a more structured dress (and if you choose to add pockets) look for a mid-to-heavy weight fabric with at least 40% stretch and good recovery such as French terry, cotton jersey or ponte.


Sizes 0-20

  • Sleeveless: 1 yd.
  • Short Sleeve: 1.1 yds.
  • Long Sleeve: 1.5 yds.

Short Dress

Sizes 0-20

  • Sleeveless: 2 yds.
  • Short Sleeve: 2.25 yds.
  • Long Sleeve: 2.5 yds.

Midi Dress

Sizes 0-20

  • Sleeveless and Short Sleeve: 3.4 yds.
  • Long Sleeve: 3.6 yds



  • Clear elastic or knit stay tape for shoulder seams (optional)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Stretch needle for your sewing machine