Closet Core Jasika Blazer Pattern


Achieve a polished professional look with the Closet Core Jasika Blazer Pattern. With this pattern, you can sew your own blazer that looks sharp and feels great, perfect for killing it at the office or bringing those tailored shorts up a notch for a sailing weekend.

I fully plan on making this out of our Ponte knit in grey but now that I see the sample photo in seersucker? Yah, that's absolutely going to have to happen.



Sizes 0-8 = 2.5 yd (2.3 m), Sizes 10-14 = 2.75 yd (2.5 m), Sizes 16-20 = 3 yd (2.75 m)


Sizes 0-8 = 1.5 yd (1.4 m), Sizes 10-20 = 2.25 yd (2 m)