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Filomène Ateliers The cotton sewing yourself pouch in Plum a kit instructions in French.

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The pouch kit in plum cotton double gauze with gold polka dot print and plain coated canvas The designer Margaux invites you to sew a small pouch to store everything you need in your handbag, diaper bag or suitcase. Dimensions: 12 x 17 cm. Margaux simplifies the task for you by cutting fabrics in the desired shape, color and size, by offering you a clear and pleasant booklet with clear pictures of the steps. If you read French, then bonus, you also can read the instructions.

Please note: Instructions are in French only but provide lots of pictures.  the products are sold without embroidered messages or designs. The outside of the pouch is plum with a polka dot print, the inside is in plain coated canvas.

I have made this project and followed the photo instructions the best I could before resorting to google translate. All in all, it is a basic zippered pouch, a simple project using a different technique than I teach in my classes. But the fabrics...oh the fabrics. They are so good! The zipper is metal with the smooth zipping glide of a nylon zipper.

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